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What are the video sizes?
Last Updated 6 months ago

It's generally recommended to use the Responsive size, as this means the video will scale to fit its container whilst maintaining a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Media sizes are taken from the default options for each of the players' embed options. These are:

YouTube - Small: 560px x 315px, Large: 853px x 480px, Responsive: 100% x 56.25%

Vimeo - Small: 500px x 281px, Large: 960px x 540px, Responsive: 100% x 56.25%

SoundCloud - Small: 100% x 166px (Standard layout), Large: 100% x 450px (Visual layout), Responsive: 100% x 56.25% (Visual layout)

We're here to help however we can. Any extra feedback from you is always welcome!

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